Kettle might seem like a perfect machine but in fact is one of the biggest consumer of electric power in household. To boil one litre of water requires same energy as 12 hours of lighting a 60w bulb. majority of the people tend to fill the kettle with much more water that they actually need. And this was the problem I tried to address.
This concept is based on a very simple fact that people are lazy. I designed my kettle with a upper chamber that filters the water poured inside (slowing down the degrading of the heating element). Main reason however is to stop people from overfilling the kettle. The chamber have capacity of half a litre which is amount sufficient for most needs. If you want to boil more water you have to wait till its filtered or take the chamber out.
The body of lab kettle is made out of borosilicate glass which is very heat resistant material that is moreover transparent so you can see how much water is inside. The inspiration came obviously from laboratory aesthetics which is clear, technical and simply functional.