I believe packaging have only two functions, protect and promote the product, so in this case it should emphasise the beauty of the flower as well as secure it during transportation. Because packaging by it modern definition a tool of marketing I also felt I need to promote the florist, promote the brand.
Toying with folding various types of paper led me to discovering quite a few options of what the packaging can be based on. One of the options I was searching for was a sheet packaging that would just lay on a florist table but it would be very easily wrappable into tight cone that would protect the flower and give the customer solid feel into his hands.
These flat packages lying on the florists table can be easily wrapped into a sturdy and tight cone. In my final design I developed a grid that would be embossed onto the sheets of coated paper. It has two functions, first of all protecting the bouquet by its sturdy structure. If you accidentally bump into someone the packaging would fold according to the texture and could be popped back easily, no wrinkles what so ever. Secondly it created a space for branding and promoting. Simple production and simple construction means affordable price.