URNS made of ash and transparent resin
How do we perceive death? How sacred is human ash. Does it mean anything to us? Is it a reminder, symbol or just pile of inorganic black matter. Should we build huge pompous tombs, pyramids, mausoleums or just scatter ourselves in the wind? If time is a flat circle, what is happening after we die? If time is linear, where is it heading, where is the end?
Design in not only for the living. We spend so much money on our deceased and yet this field has not changed much over last hundred years. It just switched marble for artificial stone, precious metals for plastic, dignity for shame. I am entering this neglected field with concepts far away from regular production and yet the aesthetics end ideas are based on tradition and history.
“Vessel of Kharon” is a concept where the ash is becoming the urn itself. The cremated remains were casted with transparent resin to achieve this archetypal shape which serves as a mean of communication with the underworld. Through a simple ritual of putting your thoughts or letters for the dead inside of the vessel, the mourning might become bearable. Death is certain, mors certa.